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Spiritualized. Good music. Really. Would I lead you astray?

I’m lonely. I want some thing I can’t have but would I be really happy if I had what I wanted? I doubt that. So feelings are such bad news. I would get explicit but I’m always a bit weary of that because you never know what co-worker might find my journal and therefore come to the conclusion that I’m just a sooper freak. Hey, there was already that rumor about me and that co-worker and the whole office believing I’m some slut freak. Yeah, nice. But I guess that’s mostly cleared up (doubt it). Now they’re just going to talk about how I’m nude on the internet and that I’m a lesbian. (Ok so I get along REALLY well w/ Lesbians … so now by default they’re all going to say “Kimberly’s a lesbian” … how silly).

But we don’t have any proof that I’m not. I can’t prove that I’m not. I am REALLY boy crazy but … that may mean nothing.

Did I mention that Spiritualized is really good?

Wow, tired. Mmmm sigh.


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
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How compatible with me are YOU?

But I’m so sad I can’t sleep … I might be so buzzed that I can’t think straight. Oh God why am I such a dork? Some people find that terribly admirable … and I wonder why that is? I feel so fucking lost. And I’m whinning … goddamnit I’m whinning! *laughing to self at the absurdity of it all*

Yeah. Good n’ight.


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