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being tired is all that keeps me from shaving my head

I feel kind of .. blah. I’m really tired as I’ve been averaging 2-3 hours of sleep for the last three weeks. I got six hours last night and I think maybe I slept too much???? Bizzarre.

“Sancho #2″ is flying in from where-ever he’s from *wink* and we’re going to have dinner and chill in his hotel room. I’m so tired and kind of depressed because I’m so tired … I would really like to crawl into my own bed and have sweet dreams but on the upside, his room is across the street from work so I won’t be late if I try. That’s good. And then I get to drag my ass through work tomorrow. I had a conversation w/ my higher-up about the absolute rude behavior from “BEEATCH” and she pretty much laid to rest my fear that I would get canned if I stuck up for myself. She pretty much told me that she knows this girl has an extreme attitude problem and that they really want to put her in her place but aren’t sure how. They don’t want to let her go because she does good work but in every other way, she’s… Continue reading

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