Monthly Archives: January 2003

Mike, if you read this, I set up a journal for you.

And every one else, I am now, EMPLOYED again! Congradulate me!

Nothing else to report … other than …

Faedra is having a b-day tomorrow so tell her happy birthday and also, our good friend Big Stank is havnig a show at Jug Head so show up!

love – k

Hi it’s kimberly, I’m still not dead though some times I kind of wish I were but then I realize, life is beautiful and so am I.

What was that? I don’t know … it was Rated R: for retarded.

So Faedra has requested that I post something about wanting the BABY JESUS BUTT PLUG but I can’t find the website but the first person to both find the website and perchase this item, gets pictures … beautiful ladies putting things in my butt … lots of pictures. So, buy now!!!! Faedra will be my lovely assistant and Simone will be taking the pictures. BUY NOW. Hell, we’ll post the pictures. DO IT NOW.

Ok well that’s about it … not much time … love yas!


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