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Oh and TOM told me I was crazy. I didn’t even mention being crazy … hmm. :P

Ah the teenage son of TOM is purposely freaking me out. For those of you that know me at all well, you KNOW that I get freaked out really easily. People can scare me simply but shrieking randomly, w/o costumes. So imagine this kid in a skeleton mask watching me and following me with his eyes and not saying anything … needless to say, it’s bothering me. He knows it’s bothering me. He even kind of … peeked out at me from behind a wall and that scared me. He should work in a haunted house.

I’m so lame!!!! Help me!


Ah, nothing like Halloween, looking all gothic and dead at work and listening to Voltaire at work! This is Heaven, or Hell … bwa ha ha ha hah.

That was dumb. :) Voltaire is hot. :)

I hope every’s dressed up and having a great day so far! It’s a bit odd today and it’s kind of freaking me out but that’s ok … not much can ruin my day! I love Halloween!!!!

love – k

Happy Halloween!

I’m at the office wearing my gothic prom dress and fake eye lashes. I look like I’m dead AND on crack. :) Faedra looks fatastic as always and “B” is adorable as a little M&M. :) Better keep me away from her and the pretzels … I might get confused!

I hope you’re all having a good Halloween! Be safe!


God I am hyper. “I should buy a boat!”

I hope I can make it to Chris’ show tonight. I will have to flake on playing video games w/ Fernie but then that’s ok … seeing Chris is a once in a life time thing, well maybe not but never-the-less I would like to see him do his thang tonight.

Well I’m all excited and hope Faedra can make it!


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