Elisel – delicious
like cold cubes melting on sunburned skin
you are sweet sensation – another whole dimension

Elisel – painted so dark
your eyes melt and smolder
folded flame into darkness
eyes like black diamonds – hard
could cut me into a million pink red ribbons
run your fingers – thin white knives – through them
braid me into the ropes that bind
braid me into the ropes that confine

Elisel – you still exist
even though the ivory that carved your body seems shattered
lying like porcelain pools on the floor spreading over every thing
not destroyed but scarce
you speak in whispers that make me not care any more
about the duty that lies ahead of me
or the things i’m numbed to forget

Elisel – dreaming of the clouds and the poetry you won’t let me forget
tendrils of hair cover the bones so beautifully wrapped up inside of you
moving like smoke – moving like wind
your fingers push – rush – swift kissing movements
my cheek – beneath my eyes

you still exist – beyond the sun – beyond the stars
you’re never under the roof – you’re never in the yard
you’re always dreaming – dreaming – running fast and dreaming
sweet Elisel – sweet Elisel

Kimberly’s Pins