I think too much … I think too little. I’m thinking too much and too little at the same time right NOW. I am young and I feel like I am SPEEDING towards getting old. This is both good and bad. I’m in the middle some where … always.

*so tired*


4 Responses to *silence*

  • aristophren says:

    Heh, you’re not getting any younger beb. Don’t stress it. It happens to us all. Just make the best, and enjoy your life.

  • nebula31 says:

    I feel exactly the same way.

  • admin says:

    Good God …

    This adult thing is so hard some times! I wish I were independantly wealthy or at least that I had a more interesting trade so I could have more free time and more cash. Oh well that’s why I’m going to force myself back into school … I’m hoping next semester. But until then … LJ get together at my mansion! Oh wait …


    • ziemkowski says:

      Re: Good God …

      You could make things more interesting by pursuing your ‘trade’ elsewhere. Nothing like seemingly randomly moving to some other state or country that is nothing like where you grew up, to do the same thing you’ve always done, to make those same things seem completely new. If that makes any since.

      I have a friend that recently moved to Italy to do basically the same programming he was doing in the states, but now suddenly, its a whole new world. All it takes is a bit of web surfing and random resume posting to change your life forever.


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