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‘i dreamed when you speak you speak to me’

I just feel like typing the entire lyrical content to the song ‘I Want To Touch You’ by Catherine Wheel. Damn I love them lots.

There is always going to be someone better than you. I realize this a lot. But upon close examination, there will always be someone better than I am at every thing I want to be good at and like wise, I will be better at many things that some else wishes to be the best at and so then, I am really just in the middle as is the rest of the population. You say, how can we all be in the middle? Well that is because if you think on it, there are billions of humans living on this Earth. Each of us fall into different skill and social categories. Some one will always be below you in one capacity or another and you will always be above someone but always, you will be between others who are better, worse or as good as you. You will always be in the middle. So I don’t feel so bad.

And realizing that there are people better than I am at the things I wish I were the best at gives me a sense of motivation. I need to try harder. And it’s almost comforting that I will get better but I will still be in the middle, just maybe higher up on the skill/social chain than I am now. It’s comforting in a sense.

Your duty today? Down load Catherine Wheel songs from Napster because I think they will truly enrich your life. I really do. That is if you like pop/rock/alternative sounding music sung by hot ass English men. I know I do. :)

‘call me Crank, my idea… so surreal”


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