I so badly want Rob from Catherine Wheel. This bad should have gotten more attention. Their music is *really* good and damnit, Rob is sexier than all Hell. Rob… if you’re out there, I will eat your whatever you want (for the most part). Call me baby. *giggle*

But the debate is still on. Will we hear who the new president is tomorrow? I think we will but that it will be contested by the Democrats heavily and I don’t blame them for the most part.

So what else is going on in the world…? Mmm not much. More violence in foreign countries and more starvation. How fabulous? *sarcastic sigh*

There is nothing in my world other than lethargy, slight hopefulness, anticipation and wonder. I am hopeful for love and things working out. I am anticipating the end of this presidential race. I am tired and lethargic…it’s cold and my bed is so warm. I don’t feel like eating but I should. I feel like a symptom of something.


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