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Wow that was weird. I just talked to a friend I hadn’t talked to in months! He’s a friend I used to like a lot. I swear he is just about the best kisser in the world. Damn good lips and tongue. :) Too bad it was only one kiss. :*(

But we talked and he seems a little down but otherwise good. He’s still with his girlfriend and I’m really honestly happy for him. I know he was burned quite a while ago by a girl and I got the impression he wasn’t expecting love to strike but it did…always when you don’t expect. So I’m very glad he’s able to love again and for this amount of time. I mean wow, it’s been what, two years?! That’s so awesome. God actually I think it’s been over two years. What a stud. :)

So talking to him was nice. I hope he and I can get together for dinner or coffee sometime. I’d like to meet w/ his gf too and get to know. She gave me a terrible first impression and I’d really like to give her another chance. Everyone says she’s pretty cool. I don’t know… I didn’t really like her but I’m sure she’s really cool. She has to be if said friend is still with her. He’s a really nice guy.

In other news… I did more on and I’m fairly happy with it all. “Tensticks” is kind of driving me insane about things but it’s all good. No big deal.

What else? I’m *praying* that Gore wins. Bush is a fucking putz and I’m sorry but women’s right to choose MATTERS! I so hope he doesn’t win. I swear he is the Anti-Christ. I wish I had known today was the day… I would have went down to see if I was registered. I did register when I turned 18 but I never got anything saying I was registered. Damn I feel like a bad American. :*(

Ok well my fingers are frozen so I’m going to go until I have something more to say.


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