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“Playin’ solitaire til dawn with a deck of 51″

Yeah I’m in a odd sort of mood. Not excited any more, not tired but not awake. I’m just alive I suppose but not even that. Just feeling like I exist which isn’t bad so don’t get me wrong.

So yeah, I added my picture. I look hot don’t I?! hehehe

Well oh no the Samuel L Jackson killing ppl speech is on, gotta turn it off now.

Oh no my cats got a bug and it’s flailing about and I think Nermal is trying to turn it back over onto it’s legs. Ok I think she did and now she’s chasing it again.

Mm listening to ‘Whole Lotta Love’ by Led Zep. I really *like* Led Zep. I love ‘WLL’. It’s just a catchy cool song. ‘Cashmere’ is my favorite though. Mmmm it’s a fucking song, like the kind of song you listen to on a hot date w/ someone you’re not sick of yet and while the rain is pounding on a thin roof. Mmm yeah.

Well nothing really going on. I’m going to Phx this weekend. I might cancel though because I have a lot of work to… Continue reading

Wow I’m tired again. I just woke up from a nap but I just want to crawl back into bed. Such a damned boring day. I went to mike’s parents to use the scanner and his step mom doesn’t have a Zip drive nor does she have her modem hooked up. I wonder why she doesn’t have Internet access? She did before.

Ok I just feel weird. I’m reading more PSP tutorials. I found one really good one but I’m not going to share just yet. :-) God so *tired*.

I was a bitch this morning….still stressed… I started to snap today. I’m such an asshole. I’m really not happy w/myself just now.

Mmm ok going to read some more and try not to fall asleep again.


Dood I am so drained and depressed. I just can’t seem to get things done. I was trying to work on another cover graphic for Midvale however my computer keeps running low on resources (damn NEED MORE RAM) and then right as I’m making some progress, the graphics prog freezes up and BAM all work is lost. :-( (I know, save save save)

So that sucks and also I’m just so busy, I have so much pressure on me to work on work, working on and then I want to work on but I just don’t have then energy to do it. I’m really started to get depressed here. I don’t know what to do.

*sigh* I feel like shit.

Oh hey if you want to buy me copies of graphics software, a new puter, a cd burner or any other helpful computer device, please send email to

Ok I’m listening to ‘head like a hole’ again. I am so bummed out.

Oh I heard from my ex roommate Courtney. I’m worried about talking to her because I feel like such a depressed loser. I don’t know. I’m just bummed. I just want to take a long… Continue reading

Wow, head like a hole turns me on. I realize I really LOVE NIN again. I mean I have for the past god, 7 years (it’s been THAT long!?). I still love Trent. I just don’t have NIN posters up any more. I should laminate my HUGE Trent poster and put it up despite the fact that mike doesn’t like it. But he DOES like NIN now. He’s not longer *as* vanilla *as* he once was. So it’s all good in my hood. I mean, I’m allowed to have a Frank doll on top of the computer? How cool is that shit man?

So here I am, I realize that I love NIN, RHPS, Depeche Mode, pewter jewelry and so on. Am I *secretly* goth??? Wow I wanna be a graver! That would rock…..from the name you would think it means someone who raves in grave yards but no, it’s a gothic raver. Now HOW COOL is that? Makes sense right? I just can’t be goth. I don’t have the “dead-ication” to the scene that keeps goths so well put together. Mmm but goth boys..*drool*

“Hey God, why are you doing this to me? Am I not living up to… Continue reading

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