I’m not “against” psychiatric medications.

But, I think it’s important to raise awareness that organic, medical conditions can present with psychiatric symptoms which can lead doctors and specialists to lead patients away from a comprehensive medical or neurological workup and start patients on a psychiatric drug rather than investigate an underlying medical condition.

Many people go for years taking medications which are expensive and often do not alleviate the symptoms they originally sought help for. In the presence of a real underlying medical condition, these medications can be dangerous. Many people are diagnosed with a variety of mental illnesses without any diagnostic workup – there is no blood test for mental illness. Further, people can ignore a real and potentially progressive medical illness because they have become convinced that their problems are caused by an immeasurable “chemical imbalance” for which they can be offered no blood test to confirm.

t’s been a year … a YEAR … since I posted last. I’ve not have the energy, I admit. It’s tough being pregnant (even if you have a relatively easy pregnancy) and even tougher once you have a baby. Kole has kept me busy these nearly nine months! Here is the Reader’s Digest version of the last year, for those of you who have been wondering.

End of Pregnancy and Delivery

As I have said, my pregnancy was pretty laid back really despite the issues I was having. Early in pregnancy, I begun to notice thyroid symptoms (hyper – or over active – thyroid) and contacted the GP. By the time I’d figured it out, my thyroid was hypo – under active. I was started on T4 replacement and continued on but I’d started also having a lot of pelvic pain right from the start. Once I got to late pregnancy, most things got better and I felt pretty good despite being almost 37 weeks pregnant. I didn’t get very big at all and actually, after delivery, I weighed less than when I got pregnant! This was NOT intentional and I did not make any attempt to diet during my… Continue reading

As some may know, my husband and I just returned from a week in sunny Phoenix, AZ visiting family and friends. What you probably do not know is that recently, we have suffered an interruption in work circumstances which has left both of us scrambling for work. I’ve been frantically looking at freelance jobs of all sorts, having a varied skill set in office work, insurance and a talent for business writing. You would think a smart gal like me would find something but it’s a tough world with a lot of people all scrambling for the same scraps as I am. It’s stressful times.


In light of these stressful times, I had hoped a week back home would relieve a lot of the stress and help me gain a fresh perspective on life. I’m 6 months pregnant with my first (and potentially only) child and of course everyone is just as excited as my husband and I are. You can’t beat that kind of joy and anticipation. I thought “hey, I’ll eat like a horse for a week, relax, enjoy my family and friends and come home refreshed and renewed!”


Mmmm, or not?




We… Continue reading

Stefanie originally shared this on my wall and I’m reading this article that Kryztina has posted.


I couldn’t even finish the letter because it was too upsetting to read. It does not shock and amaze me, though it should, because this is not isolated. It’s not even confined to one type of ignorance; it speaks to a more sinister character flaw I see more and more in people. A very pronounced and proud streak of hatred for others that extends from innocent children to every adult or circumstance they lack a grasp of which leads to these emotionally violating acts.


This woman is someone; she could be a neighbour or a cousin of anyone. I think as decent people, when we hear these types of comments made by any one we know, we need to draw on that inner voice that says “this is wrong” and say with a (possibly difficult to muster) compassion “why do you feel that way?” We cannot combat ignorance and hateful behaviour by being angry or arguing, but by trying to get to the root of why these emotions are even surfacing.


Yes, I’d like to violently slap the living shit out… Continue reading

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I have no medical training at all. I am only a disgruntled consumer who sees a lot of baffling things as they relate to healthcare and the treatment patients receive. As always, address any personal concerns you may have about your health or healthcare with your own healthcare provider or for Dementia Treatment


Primary Point of Contact


Since moving to the UK, I have been on an obsessive mission to obtain as much of my adult medical history from the US as possible. So far, so good.


But it reminds me of how many difficulties I had with US medical care and how often I was left feeling like doctors either thought I was nuts or I thought I actually was nuts. When I read over the studies that were done and think about the symptoms that I have suffered with for many years now, I’m highly annoyed that discoveries were made and then not disclosed to me or in cases, to my Primary Care Physician (PCP) and thus have led to several more years incurred healthcare costs, pain and… Continue reading

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